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300 format Wave Multiplier

300 format Gate Sequencer / Clockwork combo


Frac Rack Ear Customization



Many options in customizing your Frac Racks with added utilities.

Starting at $100 for two six-way multiples.

Other options include 1/4"<->1/8"<->RCA<->banana adapters.

Or Psycho LFO's, Dual Ring modulators etc.

Contact us with your requirements.


Custom 19" Utility Panels


Nearly any combination of multiples, attenuators and jack converters on a 1U 19" rack panel.

Any mix of the following on a custom panel for $185.

four-way multiple

passive attenuator

1/8"<->1/4" adapter

1/8"<->banana adapter

1/8"<->RCA adapter

Contact us with your requirements.


Banana Jacks