To place an order use PayPal shopping cart, or contact for other options.

Non-US customers please contact us before placing an order to discuss shipping options.

Lead time is generally four weeks. This time may be shorter if a module is in stock.

Modules come with power cable and mounting screws. External +/-15 volt power supply required.

Power connector is standard Blacet/MOTM four pin .156 header.

Voltage inputs generally respond to a 0-10V scale as per standard.

Custom color knobs available at no charge.

Contact us with your requirements for other custom work.

Most modules are available with banana jacks at no extra charge.

Payment methods accepted: check, money order and Paypal.

Modules are shipped USPS priority insured mail. Flat-fee shipping cost within the continental US is $10.

Warranty is two years from delivery date and covers repair or replacement of defective parts.

We are proud to offer CGS designs in Frac rack format.


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