A filter/oscillator hybrid with a unique tone. An immense array of timbres are capable when processing external audio or using the Bi-N-Tic itself as the audio source. Depending on the settings, the Bi-N-Tic can operate like a comb filter, a distortion unit or an oscillator with highly unusual waveforms.

Accurately tracks one volt per octave over a wide range with high precision sawtooth oscillator core.


  • Filter Frequency and fine tuning - overall frequency of Bi-n-Tic
  • Filter Bandwidth and Damping - control characteristics of the switched cap filters
  • Six position Feedback source switch - determines source of feedback with divisions of internal oscillator or external inputs
  • Filter Feedback level - controls amount of feedback


  • Audio input - input to filter
  • Exponential and Linear CV inputs - frequency modulation inputs
  • Sync input - external sync input for clock oscillator
  • External feedback input - alternate input switched when feedback source set to "EXT"

Frac spaces: 2

Current draw:

Price: $300

Bi-N-Tic as filter

Bi-N-Tic as oscillator

Bi-N-Tic on synth drums