A unique module for rhythmic and percussive effects. Trigger from one to nine separate pulses. Use the wide-range internal clock, or sync to external pulses. Uses include maraca sounds, flams or creating multi-stage envelopes in conjunction with a sequencer.


  • Clock speed - determines speed of internal clock
  • Pulse length - controls width of pulses at pulse out jack
  • Pulse number - nine-pole switch determines number of pulses
  • Trigger button - manually triggers Burst Generator
  • Retrigger switch - determines if the module will retrigger if outputting pulses
  • Range switch - selectable low/high for internal clock


  • Trigger input - triggers Burst Generator
  • External clock input - inserting a jack overrides internal clock
  • Pulses output - outputs ~10V pulses
  • Trigger output - outputs pulse when module is triggered
  • Duration output - output high while module is generating pulses
  • End output - output high when module is finished firing pulses

Frac spaces: 2

Current draw: 30ma

Price: $225

Burst with ring modulator