The monster percussion synthesizer. Features a complex architecture allowing for a wide range of hi-hat, cymbal and snare drum sounds. Six independently tunable oscillators are ring modulated together and mixed with a variable amount of white noise. This is fed through a multimode filter selectable for LP/BP/HP operation and then through a VCA. A complete synthesizer in a module.


  • Envelope decay - sets decay of envelope
  • Envelope damper - controls envelope damper
  • Balance - mixes noise and oscillator section
  • Impact level - determines level of attack impact
  • Filter frequency - sets intial frequency of filter
  • Filter resonance - controls filter resonance
  • Filter envelope- sets amount of envelope sent to filter frequency from negative to null to positive
  • Filter LPF/BPF/HPF switch - determines filter response
  • Filter mod- level of external CV to VCF
  • Oscillator 1-6 frequencies - set frequencies of oscillator section
  • Trigger input - triggers Cynare
  • Sustain input - triggers envelope damper
  • Filter CV input - external filter frequency input
  • Mix output - pre-VCF/VCA Noise/Osc output
  • Filter audio I/O - filter in and out normalled to Mix out and VCA respectively
  • VCA input- input normalled to VCF output
  • VCA output - primary output


Frac spaces: 4

Current draw: 100ma

Price: inquire