An utterly unique timing and sequencing utility module. A voltage comparator is followed by an eight stage shift register. The shift register samples the output of the comparator and passes it along, bucket brigade style, to the other outputs in time with the clock. The internal D/A is fed to the RM output for random melodies. An extremely powerful module with myriad uses.


  • Threshold - initial voltage threshold for primary comparator
  • Threshold CV - attenuator for threshold CV input
  • Loop - sets looping on or off to chain multiple units
  • Bit Switches 1-4 - Enable or disable bits one through four in the digital to analog converter. Alters Random Melody outputs.
  • Voltage input - input to intitial comparator
  • Comparator output - initial comparator output
  • Threshold CV - VC threshold for initial comparator
  • Clock input - clock input for shift register
  • Loop input - loop in for chaining modules
  • Loop enable in- VC loop mode
  • Outputs 1-8 - shift reigister stage outputs
  • Random melody - stepped voltage output
  • Inverted random melody - stepped voltage output


Frac spaces: 4

Current draw: TBD

Price: $275