The Gate Sequencer is a dual channel eight step rhythm source invaluable for percussion and other event sequencing. Two units can easily be linked for 16 steps. Can be clocked well into the audio range for waveform creation.


  • Eight On-Off-On toggles for each channel - create rhythms here
  • Sequence length 8-position switch - sets length of sequence
  • Loop on/off toggle switch - toggles looping on and off
  • Reset pushbutton - manually resets Gate Sequencer


  • Clock in and out - clock input and thru
  • Reset and Disable inputs - VC reset and disable
  • End output - outputs high when sequence reaches last step
  • Stage outputs 1-8 - outputs high when stage is active
  • Pulse outputs A & B -variable duty cycle gates
  • Mix outputs A & B - full duty-cycle gates

Frac spaces: 3

Price: $400