8 step rackmount Programmer / Sequencer shown.



16 step rackmount Programmer / Sequencer shown. Enclosed in aluminum chassis.


The Programmer / Sequencer is a four-channel analog sequencer with individual access to any stage through the illuminated pushbuttons or pulse inputs. Can be used as a standard four-channel analog step sequencer or as an interactive preset manager. Currently available as an 8-step desktop unit or 16-step 5U rackmount unit. Power supply is not included. Chassis-less lower cost version also available.


  • Sixty Four Rotary Potentiometers - Set output voltage for each stage per channel. Range is 0 to 10v. Other maximum output voltages available.
  • Illuminated Pushbuttons - Press to select a stage. Built in LED's indicate active step
  • CV A/B/C/D - outputs for each channel 0-10V
  • CPO - Outputs a pulse when any button is pushed
  • AEP - Outputs a pulse when any new stage is selected
  • Up / BKWD- Clock input to move sequencer to prior stage
  • Down / FWD- Clock input to advance to next stage
  • Pulse Outputs- Outputs pulse when stage is activated
  • Pulse Inputs- Input to arbitrarily select a stage

Dimensions (desktop 8 step): 10" X 8" X 3"

Rack spaces (rackmount 16 step): 5U Depth: 3"

8 step current draw: 175 ma

16 step current draw: 250 ma

Price 8 step desktop unit: $825

Price 16 step rackmount unit: $1225

Custom Options: panel color, knob color, banana jacks etc.