An eight step sequencer with individual signal inputs. Functions as a standard step sequencer until external voltages or signals are inserted into one or more stages, where the potentiometer then acts as an attenuator on the patched signal. Works with audio signals for complex FM and special effects. Sequence through eight LFO's for utterly unique rhythm patches, or cycle waveforms with an LFO or keypress. Features voltage control over direction and reset, normal and inverted outputs, and a mix input for transposition.

  • Stage attenuator potentiometers 1-8 - level controls for stage inputs
  • Reset button - manually resets Sequential Switch
  • Direction switch - toggles forward/backwards operation
  • Gate outputs 1-8 - output gate when stage is active
  • Stage inputs 1-8 - stage inputs to Sequential Switch
  • Clock input - primary clock input
  • Inhibit input - when input voltage is high all outputs are sent low
  • Reset input - resets Sequential Switch
  • Direction input - voltage control of direction
  • Mix input - additional input mixed into primary outputs
  • Output - outputs selected stage
  • Inverted output - inverted output

Frac spaces: 6

Current draw: 125ma

Price: inquire

Ten oscillator linear FM rhythm patch with 8008 bass drum

Eight audio sources being switched (noise, modulated oscillators)