The Super Psycho LFO is a six oscillator modulation and drone machine. Each oscillator has a frequency control and corresponding LED indicator. There are also six three way toggle switches that change the operating frequency range of the LFO and allow the user to turn off individual oscillators. Oscillators 1 & 2 have push-pull pots allowing the selection between square wave or triangle wave.

The six oscillators are mixed together and sent to a glide/lpf circuit before being output. A great module for drones and wacky modulations.


  • LFO Freq 1-6 - Sets frequencies of individual oscillators
  • LFO range switch 1-6 - Selects Off/Hi/Low for each oscillator
  • Glide - Determines smoothness of output from none to heavy slew
  • Level - Controls final output level


  • Output - Super Psycho LFO output

Frac spaces: 3

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Super Psycho modulating low pass filter