Divides a waveform by one to approximately sixty. Works on any signal. Interesting rhythmic effects can be obtained withinin sequencing patches and the VC Divider excels at "video game noises" when used at audio rates.

Staircase outputs access the D/A converter for discrete ascending and descending voltages. Also includes a six-way multiple.


  • Comparator Sense - sets threshold of initial processor
  • Division amount - sets inital division of input waveform
  • Division amount CV attenuator - VC control of pulse division


  • Input - input signal is "squared up" by initial processor
  • Division CV input - VC division input
  • Pulse output - divided squarewave output
  • Pulse width modulated output - output pulsewidth dependent on input signal
  • Staircase voltage up and down outputs - ascending and descending stepped voltages
  • Six-way multiple - split any signal

Frac spaces: 2

Current draw: 60ma

Price: $225

LFO modulates division on sequenced VCO

Staircase up output to VCO

Staircase down output to VCO